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If you haven’t paid enough attention, you would likely assume that there are only two elections in the entire country. The first, involving that often seen rhinoceros species Governor Chris Christie – who has been in bed with more Democrats than Ted Kennedy, and the second, involving the gubernatorial race pitting Ken Cuccinelli – a real conservative and Terry McAuliffe – an old Clinton retread whom Rush Limbaugh lovingly refers to as “the punk.”

Many conservatives are holding their breath – rightfully so in Virginia – and hoping for a victory for Cuccinelli. I couldn’t agree more. He has solid conservative credentials, and was the first to file suit against the Affordable Care Act. It’s easy to see that he is a man of action whose interest is governed in the civil society, the U.S. Constitution and in the welfare of the liberty of not only Virginians, but that of the American people.

It would be magnificent if Cuccinelli was to claim a victory tonight over McAuliffe and the GOP establishment. But it won’t be the first time that Americans have suffered defeat and returned stronger to claim victory. And it won’t be the first time for conservatives to suffer such a defeat. Reagan did it and returned to conquer both the Democrat Party and the RINOs that sought his defeat.

Our history is replete with defeats. On August 27, 1776, the American people and their cause suffered a resounding defeat the Battle of Long Island. A few short months later, General Washington took his troops across the frozen Delaware River and took the fight to the Hessians. It was a resounding victory as best referenced by Jack E. Levin’s book, George Washington: The Crossing. Thank goodness that George Washington didn’t surrender and go home. Instead, he pressed on with the fight and the American cause and its people won the day in 1781.

As a Texan, I can remember one such defeat on March 6, 1836, at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, where 182 Americans – not just Texans – held off a superior force for 34 days. On April 21, 1836, the cry of “Remember the Alamo,” was heard as Texas won its independence.

Americans don’t capitulate. We’re not France. We’re not even close – despite the attempts by the Democrat Party and the GOP establishment to manage the surrender. I would like to ask when we surrendered. Did we surrender after the Battle of Long Island? No. Did Texas surrender after the Alamo? No. Did the North surrender after the Battle of Bull Run? No. And did we surrender after Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!

The same can be said of conservatives. We didn’t surrender after Clinton was elected in 1992 and 1996. We didn’t surrender after Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012, and we certainly as hell won’t surrender if “The Punk” defeats Cucinelli. Not now! Not ever! Or in the words of “The Great One,” Mark Levin, “We’re not going anywhere!”

There is a great awakening taking place, and chance to exercise Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. For those that wish not to, “breathe life back into the Constitution,” I would love to ask:

Parlez-vous francais?


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It’s time to admit the obvious!  It’s time to discuss Michele Bachmann’s failed bid for the President of the United States.  She’s doomed!  She can’t win!  It’s over!  It’s time we took a hard look at the truth at her run for office, her lack of conservative credentials, and find out just exactly what Michele Bachmann hasn’t done as a Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota.

It has become apparent that Bachmann has ignored conservative principles.  She is, in essence, a RINO of the largest sort.  After all, she lives in the state of Minnesota, and Minnesotans – as a rule – don’t produce conservatives.  Do they?  Nope.  It’s just not in their gene pool.  And if you take a look at her voting record, it will become clear that she is no conservative.  Or is she?

First, let’s examine her tax and spending record.  As a big government RINO, she voted yes to repeal the death tax and no to increasing the rates on both capital gains and death taxes.  And even worse, she voted no on the Farm Bill – a bill that would’ve raised taxes by $4 billion.  She could’ve chosen to ignore the fact that the American people are overtaxed, and she could’ve chosen to ignore free market principles by raising taxes on capital gains.  Instead, she chose to sign the Contract From America and the Americans for Tax Reform “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.”  She could’ve voted to steal from the estates of Americans by voting yes on the death tax.  She didn’t.

Her spending is even worse.  When we say Congresswoman Bachmann likes pork, we don’t mean she likes ham for Christmas dinner and bacon for breakfast.  As a RINO, she should have voted for spending the taxpayers into oblivion, but she didn’t.  Instead, she voted no Obamacare, no on T.A.R.P., no on the 2008 Omnibus spending bill and no on the $825 billion economic stimulus package.  Congresswoman Bachmann even had the nerve to vote no on the $15 billion bailout of General Motors and Chrysler.  She has even signed onto the Balanced Budget Amendment with the 3/5 override to veto.  But Congresswoman Bachmann’s disdain for Americans and for conservatives hasn’t ended there.

She has shown a total lack of understanding of the issues required to regulate business by voting no on card check, no on the Davis-Bacon requirements, no on Cap and Tax, no on Dodd/Frank, and despicably, she even voted yes on barring the implementation of “Net Neutrality.”  And Ms. Bachmann is no stranger to big oil.  She knows just how to regulate them as well, voting yes in 2011 on barring the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, and in 2009 by voting no on enforcing limits for CO2 global warming pollution.  She has even voted no on investing in homegrown biofuel, worse, voting yes on opening the outer continental shelf to oil drilling.

Congresswoman Bachmann’s stance on education makes it obvious that she’s chosen to side with the American people instead of siding with the growth of government, voting no in 2009 on $40 billion for green public schools, and no in 2007 on additional $10.2 billion on federal education and Health and Human Services projects.

On healthcare, it’s apparent she has no idea what she’s doing, voting no on Obamacare, voting yes on the repeal of Obamacare.  She also voted yes in 2011 to repeal the “Prevention and Public Health” slush fund, yes on the Ryan budget for Medicare, no on regulating tobacco as a drug, and no on expanding the SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program), by adding an additional 2 to 4 million children to the eligibility rolls.  It’s utterly obvious that Michele Bachmann could’ve chosen to diminsh the liberty of Americans everywhere by voting for Obamacare.  But she didn’t.

It’s clear that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann hasn’t done much for the United States of America.  She could’ve voted yes to bring home the troops from Iraq.  She could’ve voted no on cutting defense spending, forcing the troops still in Afghanistan and Iraq to slowly suffocate from lack of funds.  Ms. Bachmann could’ve chosen to side with Statist and vote for no funding for the troops.  Instead, she chose to standby and advocate for their cause.

So when you begin to caucus or primary, elect the woman who hasn’t chosen to spend the United States of American into oblivion.  Elect the woman that hasn’t chosen to enslave generations of Americans and their posterity into debt.  Elect the woman that is for expanding American exceptionalism by promoting free market principles and reducing tax burdens.  Elect the woman that has never voted to throw money at education to fix problems.  Elect the woman who believes that every American has an opportunity at LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Elect the woman who has never been pro-choice and who doesn’t believe in gay marriage.  Elect the woman who has never believed in an individual health insurance mandate, and elect the woman that has never had any forays into liberalism, believing instead, that a “true conservative’s” actions are far greater than their words.

So, if you don’t go to the polls for what she’s done, go and elect Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for what she hasn’t done.

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Is your man a RINO?  Does he have that awful stench that says, “Open Borders?”  Has he aspired to a higher public office, but has yet been able to get over the hump because of his nasty policies on illegal immigration?  If you’re a woman that’s stuck with a man like that, then there’s only one thing you can do.  You need a bottle of Deport, cologne by Adam LeDouche, designed specifically to cover up the awful odor of RINOs.

“This is a one-of-a-kind cologne,” claims LeDouche.  “Its musty, woody fragrance covers up the ‘I’m for open borders’ scent.  Splash a little of this on and you’ll be able to deflect those prying questions coming from the mainstream media.”

Deport comes in an appealing glass bottle.  When first sprayed or splashed, there’s an instant apple pie aroma that tells everyone you’re an American.  Next – during the dry down – you’re greeted with a sweet vanilla fragrance that lets everyone know you can be trusted.  And finally, as the cologne hugs the skin, the permeating musk scent says, “I’ve got your back on the borders.”

Deport will fill the room with masculinity.  Its musty, woody tone and knifing scent will let everyone in the room know that you have a big pair of cajones on you.  The ladies love it!  And why wouldn’t they love a man with a big set of cajones?

John Boehner gives Deport two thumbs up, Scott Brown says Deport practically won him the election in Massachusetts, and George W. Bush says, “There’s nothing better for covering up your inadequacies than a bottle of Deport.”

So if your man is running for POTUS, and you can practically smell the fresh cut grass on the White House lawn, don’t let him be sabotaged by his lousy policies on illegal immigration.  Get him a bottle of Deport and feel the power that only that office brings.  Retailing at only $69, it’s too tempting to pass up.  After all, it’s your man’s candidacy that’s at stake.  Don’t let it end now.

Buy Deport, a cologne for your RINO man.

Bottle of Deport contributed to smoothsailing.  Great job!

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