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If you haven’t paid enough attention, you would likely assume that there are only two elections in the entire country. The first, involving that often seen rhinoceros species Governor Chris Christie – who has been in bed with more Democrats than Ted Kennedy, and the second, involving the gubernatorial race pitting Ken Cuccinelli – a real conservative and Terry McAuliffe – an old Clinton retread whom Rush Limbaugh lovingly refers to as “the punk.”

Many conservatives are holding their breath – rightfully so in Virginia – and hoping for a victory for Cuccinelli. I couldn’t agree more. He has solid conservative credentials, and was the first to file suit against the Affordable Care Act. It’s easy to see that he is a man of action whose interest is governed in the civil society, the U.S. Constitution and in the welfare of the liberty of not only Virginians, but that of the American people.

It would be magnificent if Cuccinelli was to claim a victory tonight over McAuliffe and the GOP establishment. But it won’t be the first time that Americans have suffered defeat and returned stronger to claim victory. And it won’t be the first time for conservatives to suffer such a defeat. Reagan did it and returned to conquer both the Democrat Party and the RINOs that sought his defeat.

Our history is replete with defeats. On August 27, 1776, the American people and their cause suffered a resounding defeat the Battle of Long Island. A few short months later, General Washington took his troops across the frozen Delaware River and took the fight to the Hessians. It was a resounding victory as best referenced by Jack E. Levin’s book, George Washington: The Crossing. Thank goodness that George Washington didn’t surrender and go home. Instead, he pressed on with the fight and the American cause and its people won the day in 1781.

As a Texan, I can remember one such defeat on March 6, 1836, at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, where 182 Americans – not just Texans – held off a superior force for 34 days. On April 21, 1836, the cry of “Remember the Alamo,” was heard as Texas won its independence.

Americans don’t capitulate. We’re not France. We’re not even close – despite the attempts by the Democrat Party and the GOP establishment to manage the surrender. I would like to ask when we surrendered. Did we surrender after the Battle of Long Island? No. Did Texas surrender after the Alamo? No. Did the North surrender after the Battle of Bull Run? No. And did we surrender after Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!

The same can be said of conservatives. We didn’t surrender after Clinton was elected in 1992 and 1996. We didn’t surrender after Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012, and we certainly as hell won’t surrender if “The Punk” defeats Cucinelli. Not now! Not ever! Or in the words of “The Great One,” Mark Levin, “We’re not going anywhere!”

There is a great awakening taking place, and chance to exercise Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. For those that wish not to, “breathe life back into the Constitution,” I would love to ask:

Parlez-vous francais?


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