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Have you ever heard, “Working in this job is like eating a crap sandwich?” If you have, you’re not alone. Thanks to Barack Obama, millions of Americans are experiencing what it’s like to eat a crap sandwich. But if you’re one of the people that have a cushy D.C. job with a subsidy for Obamacare, now you too can experience the full, rich flavor that only Barack Obama can deliver. How is it possible? It’s all possible with Barack Obama’s Crap In A Jar™.

That’s right, folks! Barack Obama’s Crap In A Jar™ is the one-of-a-kind spread that’s tailor made for any type of bread. It goes on smooth and easy so it doesn’t tear the bread. It’s packed full of protein and 100% organic – none of those additives or preservatives you find in your generic jars of crap. It’s low on carbs and environmentally friendly! Moreover, the sleek jar design gives people the impression that you are a VIP!

It’s perfect for dinner parties! You’ll have all your guests talking about it. Be the life of the cocktail party and bring one as you do the D.C. circuit. Better yet, send one to your favorite Senator or Congressman. Let them know just how special they really are. Send Mitch McConnell one with a caring note on just what he can do with it.

There’s nothing better when you’re hungry, under the gun, and have to surrender to make a deal with Harry Reid. Whip it out, spread it on and voila…you’ve got an instant lunch on the go you’ll never forget! Give it to your staffers too! They’re busy hanging up on those angry, Tea Party extremists and don’t have time to take a lunch. They shouldn’t have to starve either!

Obama has spared no expense in creating the perfect spread that fits your every craving! Best of all – its taxpayer subsidized with the full faith and credit of the United States taxpayer behind it. It’ll never default! Barack Obama guarantees it! So if you’re an investor, have no fears. Barack Obama has shoveled out tons and tons of crap, and in this market, you’re sure to make a killing!

Don’t hesitate any longer! Log onto iwantmycrapnow.gov and get your jar! Join the millions of Americans that are experiencing their full bodied, rich, mouth-watering taste of the crap sandwich! You can even go bipartisan and wash it down with Two If By Tea™ And here’s a bonus: If you sign up within the next 24 hours, we’ll throw in a free subsidy for Obamacare. You can’t afford to say no! Don’t get left behind. Log on and live the experience!


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