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It’s time to admit the obvious!  It’s time to discuss Michele Bachmann’s failed bid for the President of the United States.  She’s doomed!  She can’t win!  It’s over!  It’s time we took a hard look at the truth at her run for office, her lack of conservative credentials, and find out just exactly what Michele Bachmann hasn’t done as a Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota.

It has become apparent that Bachmann has ignored conservative principles.  She is, in essence, a RINO of the largest sort.  After all, she lives in the state of Minnesota, and Minnesotans – as a rule – don’t produce conservatives.  Do they?  Nope.  It’s just not in their gene pool.  And if you take a look at her voting record, it will become clear that she is no conservative.  Or is she?

First, let’s examine her tax and spending record.  As a big government RINO, she voted yes to repeal the death tax and no to increasing the rates on both capital gains and death taxes.  And even worse, she voted no on the Farm Bill – a bill that would’ve raised taxes by $4 billion.  She could’ve chosen to ignore the fact that the American people are overtaxed, and she could’ve chosen to ignore free market principles by raising taxes on capital gains.  Instead, she chose to sign the Contract From America and the Americans for Tax Reform “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.”  She could’ve voted to steal from the estates of Americans by voting yes on the death tax.  She didn’t.

Her spending is even worse.  When we say Congresswoman Bachmann likes pork, we don’t mean she likes ham for Christmas dinner and bacon for breakfast.  As a RINO, she should have voted for spending the taxpayers into oblivion, but she didn’t.  Instead, she voted no Obamacare, no on T.A.R.P., no on the 2008 Omnibus spending bill and no on the $825 billion economic stimulus package.  Congresswoman Bachmann even had the nerve to vote no on the $15 billion bailout of General Motors and Chrysler.  She has even signed onto the Balanced Budget Amendment with the 3/5 override to veto.  But Congresswoman Bachmann’s disdain for Americans and for conservatives hasn’t ended there.

She has shown a total lack of understanding of the issues required to regulate business by voting no on card check, no on the Davis-Bacon requirements, no on Cap and Tax, no on Dodd/Frank, and despicably, she even voted yes on barring the implementation of “Net Neutrality.”  And Ms. Bachmann is no stranger to big oil.  She knows just how to regulate them as well, voting yes in 2011 on barring the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, and in 2009 by voting no on enforcing limits for CO2 global warming pollution.  She has even voted no on investing in homegrown biofuel, worse, voting yes on opening the outer continental shelf to oil drilling.

Congresswoman Bachmann’s stance on education makes it obvious that she’s chosen to side with the American people instead of siding with the growth of government, voting no in 2009 on $40 billion for green public schools, and no in 2007 on additional $10.2 billion on federal education and Health and Human Services projects.

On healthcare, it’s apparent she has no idea what she’s doing, voting no on Obamacare, voting yes on the repeal of Obamacare.  She also voted yes in 2011 to repeal the “Prevention and Public Health” slush fund, yes on the Ryan budget for Medicare, no on regulating tobacco as a drug, and no on expanding the SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program), by adding an additional 2 to 4 million children to the eligibility rolls.  It’s utterly obvious that Michele Bachmann could’ve chosen to diminsh the liberty of Americans everywhere by voting for Obamacare.  But she didn’t.

It’s clear that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann hasn’t done much for the United States of America.  She could’ve voted yes to bring home the troops from Iraq.  She could’ve voted no on cutting defense spending, forcing the troops still in Afghanistan and Iraq to slowly suffocate from lack of funds.  Ms. Bachmann could’ve chosen to side with Statist and vote for no funding for the troops.  Instead, she chose to standby and advocate for their cause.

So when you begin to caucus or primary, elect the woman who hasn’t chosen to spend the United States of American into oblivion.  Elect the woman that hasn’t chosen to enslave generations of Americans and their posterity into debt.  Elect the woman that is for expanding American exceptionalism by promoting free market principles and reducing tax burdens.  Elect the woman that has never voted to throw money at education to fix problems.  Elect the woman who believes that every American has an opportunity at LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Elect the woman who has never been pro-choice and who doesn’t believe in gay marriage.  Elect the woman who has never believed in an individual health insurance mandate, and elect the woman that has never had any forays into liberalism, believing instead, that a “true conservative’s” actions are far greater than their words.

So, if you don’t go to the polls for what she’s done, go and elect Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for what she hasn’t done.


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Pizza for Two in Chicago:  $20

An Eight-ball of Cocaine on a night out with Larry Sinclair:  $150

Limousine rental for one night:  $1,000

A BJ in the Downtown Hotel:  $300

An all guy orgy in the White House when Michele’s off in Paris:  Priceless

A bottle of Chteau Margaux 1995 watching Michele try to squeeze her fat ass into a size 10:  $402

School supplies for Sasha and Malia:  $250

2 bags of Orijen™ Adult Fomula for Bo:  $80

Watching the sun come up in Oahu at the taxpayers’ expense:  Priceless

When Michele Obama’s away, Barack uses cash.  But for everything else, there’s the U.S. taxpayer

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Are you a Democrat?  Have you always wanted to live the lavish lifestyle but have no drive or desire to get it for yourself?  Has your redress to the federal government – like the Occupy Wall Street crowd – left you out in the cold with a sore anus?  If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, you need to learn how to acquire things the old fashioned way.  You beg for it.  That’s right.  You need to get down on your knees and do some groveling.

And here at the School Of Seminar Begging, we teach you not only to learn how to grovel, but we teach you how to do it with panache.  Our top rate instructors will show you how to ask for something without asking for it.  You’ll learn the technique of artfully combining your talking points with begging while parlaying that into a new iPhone 4S, a new bed or a new computer, and at the same time, you can stick it to some rich, greedy bastard.  Now what Democrat in their right mind could turn that down?  Not one.  And when you’ve become a master, you’ll be able to call Rush Limbaugh and get whatever you need free without ever raising any red flags.  Yes, indeed, groveling is the best way to get things you don’t actually deserve without having to work for it.

The School Of Seminar Begging is the right place to go to learn all the techniques you’ll ever need to set you up for life.  You’ll be instructed on how to talk to a conservative, and how to sound as if you actually believe the same things they do!  You’ll pick up catch phrases such as, “Obamacare is Unconstitutional, damn it” and “Barack Obama is destroying this nation!”  Or – and this is my personal favorite – “What would we do without Rush Limbaugh on the radio?”  We’ll drum these techniques into you over and over and over again until you get it right.

Let’s listen in on some of our students in training right now:

Man playing Snerdley:  The Rush Limbaugh Show

Student:  Yeah, I want to speak with Rush Limbaugh.

Man playing Snerdley:  About what?

Student:  About healthcare as a right.

Instructor:  No, no, no, damn it!  That’s the healthcare bill is an abomination.  You’re never going to get past Snerdley that way.  And if you can’t get past Snerdley, how then are you going to ask Limbaugh for a new computer?  Now do it again.  And this time sound angry!  Let’s go!

That tidbit is just a morsel of the training you’ll receive when you sign up for the School Of Seminar Begging.  We’ll verse you on the ins and outs of the Rush Limbaugh Show.  We’ll bring you up to speed on the belief system of conservatives, and we’ll even throw in a list of talk show hosts that give away things and those that don’t.

Hey, it’s okay to throw away your dignity and self-respect as long as you’re getting something out of it.  At the School Of Seminar Begging we help you get that something you need.

So sign up today!  And as a bonus, if you register before January 1, 2012, we’ll throw in a free audio CD on “How To Deal With Mr. Snerdley When He’s Having A Temper Tantrum.”  So don’t hesitate!  Give us a call and begin a new future in begging today!

School Of Seminar Begging concept by Clint N Suhks

“Will show you exactly how to ask for something without asking for it,” attributed to rwi.

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With all of the talk of Ron Paul’s foreign policy, we wanted to know what is the most dangerous threat to the United States today.  As usual, we go to the finest gathering of conservatives minds found on the internet.  We go to Free Republic.  We would love to know if Iran is the greatest threat.  Is China the greatest threat?  Is Barack Obama and the Democrat Party the greatest threat?  Or is it the Republican Establishment that’s the greatest threat? With all of the conservative minds on Free Republic, it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll get the answer that will insure ailing American woes in the future.  Once we identify the problem, the solution will soon present itself.  So, what do you say?


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With Christmas coming and so many people unemployed, we have President Obama and the Democrat Party to thank for it.  For many people, Christmas is being virtually flushed down the toilet while Obama flies off to Hawaii for another vacation and more rounds of golf.  But here at The Right Elective Decisions we decided to have some fun and ask Free Republic if Obama were an inanimate object, what would he be?  Would he be a toilet, a urinal, a toilet brush, a Colostomy bag or what?  What do you say?

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With all the fawning over Ron Paul and his fiscal policy, it isn’t just fiscal policy that makes an effective President of the United States.  It also takes sound foreign policy.  So, we want to know what you think of Ron Paul’s worldview and how that worldview may affect the role of the United States of America in the world.  With newsletters out there for people to view, would you still say that Ron Paul would make a good POTUS?  And if not, would you then say that his foreign policy view is dangerous to America.

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Cupertino, CA – In what could be the biggest move since the invention of the newest iPhone, Apple has reached out to liberal asshats by grabbing a new spokesperson to praise their newest iPhone product the iPhone 4S.  Apple has snagged none other than Alec Baldwin, fresh off his tantrum with American Airlines, to reach out to his fellow asshats.

Apple had no idea that so many asshats had purchased an iPhone 4S.  It became clear when pictures started filtering in during the Occupy Wall Street movement that Apple was a well-liked commodity by the Occupy protestors.  So, the company did what they thought best.  They struck up a deal with someone who spoke the protestors’ language.  And who better to do it than Alec Baldwin.  That’s what President Han Jobbs thought.

“Our goal here,” stated President Han Jobbs “is that if I can’t satisfy you, then no one will.  It appears that among idiots, our iPhone 4S is popular.  So we brought in Baldwin to communicate that directly to these morons.”

Apple feels that its company wants to market itself to the largest amount of clientele.  And by extending their market to include liberal asshats, it’s doing just that.  The company is reminding all leftists that you can use the iPhone 4S anywhere you want – whether you’re on a plain, a train or flat out insane.

“It doesn’t matter,” reminds President Han Jobbs.  “The idea here is that no matter what kind of asshat behavior you want to exhibit, the iPhone 4S is for you.  Whether you’re doing shots in a bar, or defecating in a cop car, it’s for you!”

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